Exactly about Ukrainian neck ornaments: history and symbols

Exactly about Ukrainian neck ornaments: history and symbols

Beaded necklaces (namysto) are among the earliest kinds of women’s ornaments in Ukraine. They’ve numerous names – monysto, busy, korali – testifying for their long history and role that is important Ukrainian tradition. They are not simply adornments, but additionally carried deep significance that is symbolic.

Traditionally, there are two main forms of throat precious jewelry: a sequence of beads called namysto, and coins called dukach. Combined together, a monysto is formed by them or sometimes commonly refereed to as namysto. Common materials are metals, stones (with corals usually utilized to symbolize health and youth), timber, leather-based, cup, etc. These people were generally speaking protective or informative, for example, they are able to inform just just exactly how rich the grouped household had been as since six strings of coral beads may cost just as much as a set of oxen).

Brief historical note

Necklaces (namysto) have already been donned by Ukrainian females for hundreds of years, meaning there was a multitude of this element that is decorative. Throughout its history, beads have actually diverse in color, kind, product therefore the means they certainly were used. The neck ornaments that are earliest had been made from pits and seeds obtained from veggies, good fresh fresh fruit and grains and were later changed by rock, steel and cup beads. Later on necklaces had been built from costly natural materials such as coral, amber, pearls, cup, smalt and garnets. Only bourgeois that is wealthy could spend the money for latter.



Neck precious precious jewelry was used differently through the entire years. To start with, Ukrainian women would not leave the house without addressing their throat with a few types of decoration – it absolutely was comparable to heading out nude! Be it a festive time, a party, a Sunday or an ordinary day time, a lady’s throat had been always adorned with rows of elaborate beads. Necklaces had been additionally amulets, protecting her from wicked spirits and people that are bad.

A woman’s social status could easily be decided by her throat ornaments. The greater amount of beads and also the more rows she had around her neck, the greater amount of successful she had been. The wore that is poorest 2-3 rows of coral, as the rich – 10 to15.

Metal precious jewelry

Ancient versions of women’s necklaces had been made from metal. They resembled little tubes that are spiral along which different coins (for wealthier women) or crosses (named “cross zgardy”) had been strung in rows. There have been additionally numerous kinds of steel beads:

  • Salba – decoration manufactured from fabric, adorned with coins, modeled after Turkish, Tatar and Moldovan jewelry. These people were used mostly by ladies from Bukovyna.
  • Dukach (lychman) – decoration resembling a coin by having a bow kind. Austrian ducats were utilized initially, Russian rubles had been added down the road, but the name that is old. Such necklaces had been used in Central and Eastern Ukraine.

Amber necklaces

In areas around Kyiv, in Volyn additionally the Carpathian area, ladies wore necklaces manufactured from real amber since these stones that are semi-precious mined within the areas. It really is thought that amber brings health insurance and makes a woman’s skin look smoother and much more appealing. Large round beads had been shaped with knives and strung for a thread that is long. Frequently such large amber beads were used with strings of coral.


Coral necklaces were the most used in Ukraine. Rows of stunning red coral worn over a Ukrainian embroidered shirt present a remarkably gorgeous and image that is sophisticated. The tradition that is coral been handed down through the hundreds of years and it is preserved even today. Pink beads having a greyish or tinge that is reddish strung on a silk cable in a particular purchase: big beads had been put in the centre and smaller people during the ends. Our ancestors thought that red coral necklace had been endowed with magical properties: vivid red beads suggested that the girl ended up being strong and healthier, but dull and greyish ones warned of disease.

Glass beads and pearls

Every girl imagined “decorated patsyorky”. This is the title fond of extremely expensive hand-painted glass beads that had been brought from remote Venice. Venetian master craftsmen have actually held the trick of Murano cup for this time, therefore preserving its renown and value. Pearls and shell necklaces had been additionally very costly while they had been brought in from remote lands. Glass precious precious jewelry and pearls had been mostly donned by rich women.

Biser (beaded necklaces)

Woven strings of biser had been but still are particularly popular among Ukrainian ladies hot sudanese brides. Initially, these beads were really presious them massively, every woman or girl could afford to buy some “tsyatky” (as a biser necklaces are still called in Bukovyna) as they were brought from Murano, but when the Czech Republic started producing.

In general, throat ornaments had been whilst still being are a fundamental piece of the old-fashioned Ukrainian costume and modern-day fashion.

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