Social Media Marketing Tutorial: 7 Best Automation Tools to be More Productive

– Hey there my friends, Chris Njigha here from chrisnjighacom and in this very exciting episode we are talking about social media marketing tutorial on seven of what I consider to be the best automation social media marketing automation tools to help you be more productive in your online business, alright

Let me ask you, are you struggling to get everything done in your online business and in addition to your life and going to work and kids and family and things like that? Well stick around 'cause in this video I wanna share with you some of the best strategies and online marketing tools you can use to automate a lot of what you're doing, and help bring some relief in your life And then, oh by the way, stick around to the very end too because at the end I'm gonna reveal to you my secret strategy on how to put all these tools and strategies together so that you can get the most out of your social media marketing automation tools, alright? So if you haven't already, hey definitely give this video a like, alright? And definitely subscribe to the channel so you can be notified whenever I release new videos on social media marketing tutorials and strategies that help you build your online business and generate more leads and sales in your business So the first social media marketing automation tool I wanna go over is what is called, automatic post software, right? So, you'll see them online, some of the popular ones are, Buffer, and Hootsuite And essentially what they are, they're online marketing software that allow you to be able to pre-schedule social media posts that you wanna make So if you already know what your campaign is gonna look like, what type of posts you wanna put online in social media platforms you can go inside their platform, prearrange them so that they're scheduled to go out at a specific time, on a specific platform

And you can do this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, all the popular social media platforms It makes it easy for you to be able to get all that stuff done all in one sitting so that you don't have to actually be there posting all those things several times a day It can automatically be done Some of the software tools will make it so that you can kind of put in in there so it gets re-posted so it's almost like re-sharing your content and curating your content which is even more amazing So it's definitely a tool which is the type of tool you want to take a look at and really leverage because it helps take a lot of that extra grunt work off your plate and makes you more productive so you can focus on other high level activities in your business

My number two social media marketing automation tool is capture page systems and funnels, right? I mean, think about it Instead of having to be there for someone to come and decide, hey you know, I wanna learn more from you and then they take their email and take their contact, you can have what is called a capture page, or a lead page So a lot of different software tools out there that do that Some of the common ones are Leadpages, or ClickFunnels, and I use Funnelizer, alright So what they do is they create a page where people who are interested in your content, interested in learning more about your product or service can go over there, enter their contact information in the form of a name, email address and/or phone number and in exchange for you taking their contact information you then give them a piece of valuable content that they were in desire of, right

So the advantage is that you don't have to be there to hey, for every single person who wants to communicate to you that they want to learn more from your business You can simply send them to these type of capture pages, lead pages that capture the lead, right And this introduces a ton of automation into your business so that you don't have to be worrying about all of that And so once they get inside your funnel your funnel can then take them to the next stages and those who are ready to take the next step by being either a customer or joining you in your business can do that, and the ones who don't, don't have to So it's a great way to also leverage and filter who are ready to take action, who are the most, most ready customers to go into business with you and take action with you, and then that leads to my number three social media marketing automation tool, which is, autoresponders, right

Autoresponders are software programs online that will automatically respond to new email subscribers on your email list, so you can once again, create, now you'll notice a theme, pre-done emails and messages that have content that are specific according to the particular funnel you customer or prospect arrived into, and this information is then sent to your new prospect automatically without you having to do it, and they can instantly be welcomed into your world Gather their information, get to know you and like you and you can create all kinds of email campaigns and with all kinds of content with the idea that eventually they're getting to know you You're building this relationship on autopilot and eventually to get to the point where they may become a customer, or become a rep or a business partner in your business So there's a lot of different autoresponders out there One of the biggest ones is, AWeber

Great system that you can get started with, very affordable and they do all this for you They automate your email campaigns, they automate your constant emails and allow you to send broadcasts to all the people on your email list Autoresponders is just one of those tools that I believe that are a must have social media marketing automation tool for your business Allow you more to get more productive and get more done and make more sales in your business And then my number fourth favorite social media marketing automation tool, which may not be the tradition tool you may be thinking of, but is really a very powerful one, and it's videos

Yeah, video marketing is really a powerful, powerful strategy I said this in many videos now Zuckerberg and Facebook believes that videos is gonna be a huge part of the internet, a majority part of the internet in the coming years, especially Facebook and even some people think that YouTube will eventually it's coming very close to supplanting Google as the number one search engine Why is that? Videos are a powerful medium of not only communicating a message, but building a relationship with prospects and leads who don't quite know you yet And why I consider it to be an automation tool that is a must have is because really in effect, when you take a video and you shoot a video delivering valuable content to your audience what you're essentially doing is duplicating yourself, right because this video then will be on internet land forever and eternity, less you take it off and will be there constantly delivering your message, delivering the value and building relationships with whoever and whenever they come by to catch your video

It's really truly one of the most powerful tools I really should have probably made it number one to be honest, that is critical in your content marketing strategy Critical in your online business It is what allows you to create residual lead flow in your business, constantly bringing new people into your organization into your business, constantly new prospect and new leads Videos are a must have, a must automation tool in your business especially on social media

So if you haven't already started you should probably start on that right now And then my number five social media marketing automation tool that I really, really enjoy using is Facebook ads, or ads in general, but particularly Facebook ads Well, first of all we're talking about advertisements Ads is just a great way to get your marketing message out there in a very quick way It allows you to supplant time and really accelerate the growth curve of exposure of your brand

Exposure of your business and your product and your service, right Advertising allows you to get in front of targeted people who want to see your product with the right message that allows them to take actions to take the next steps to become leads and sales in your business Really, Facebook advertisement specifically has one of the best targeting, the best platforms allow you to do that Of course it's awesome that they have a third of the global population on their platform so whoever you're looking for is gonna be there and what really makes it awesome is that you can really accelerate the growth of your business and your brand just by getting more people to see it much quicker and much faster than you could with organic growth That's why I consider it to be one of my favorite social media marketing automation tools because it's automatically, once you create this Facebook ad it's automatically put right in front of the right people and Facebook's algorithm goes to work in trying to find the exact right people who will respond best with your particular ad

Nothing like having a software tool that's that powerful kinda go through millions and hundreds and billions of people to find the right people who want to work with you Who want your product Now that is an automation tool I will sign up for any day Then number six, my sixth favorite social media marketing automation tool, well it's Facebook Messenger We stick with the Facebook theme, right

If you haven't heard Facebook Messenger marketing is a truly super powerful and exiting thing that's happening right now Essentially what it is, is the ability to use Facebook Messengers app to communicate with a large group of people all at the same time You can kind of think of it, the same thing as email marketing It's kinda, somewhat of an automation, autoresponding tool Someone can decide to opt into your Facebook Messenger it will then become part of your list

You're probably giving them some type of content or value in exchange for their information and them being on your list, and then you can communicate with them using automatically sent replies and messages and sequences that you, once again, pre-did before and pre-created that will allow them to build a brand, build a relationship, build the awareness of you, your brand, your product or service What's beautiful about this is that it's, well, automated right? So once it's done and once you put it together it can constantly be sent out without you having to even realize it or do it, and the beauty about it is that this Messenger marketing has some of the best response rates right now and engagement rates that you can find anywhere in your marketing campaigns People have Facebook Messenger on their phone, and they are opening it and they are taking a look and click through rates are absolutely explosive, so it's one of the best automation tools for your social media marketing campaigns that you can advantage of right now, and once again not difficult to do, one of the many tools right now that are out there that are really taking advantage of this is ManyChat, very reputable so that's a place where you can start right there And then my seventh favorite but definitely not least social media marketing automation tool is the use of automated webinars So if you're not familiar with the use of webinars, webinars are one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful automated tool you can use to generate leads, sales in your business right now

In fact most of the top earners and top marketers in your particular niche are most likely utilizing webinars to generate tons of sales and tons recruits and new business partners in their businesses in the shortest amount of time Automated webinars are proven to work every single time, so it's definitely a tool that you wanna utilize in your business And that's probably where you wanna start first Automated webinars are are really an advanced strategy and step up but essentially where you can automate the entire webinar and have it sent out and someone who gets involved in your list who is then entered into your list They can be invited to this webinar, this automated webinar where they will get consumed information and content that you've already pre-recorded and pre-done before

It's like, you're getting the theme right? And so the idea is that they are able to see this information without you necessarily being there having you do the webinar over and over and over again And they're building this relationship, getting value, becoming customers, making purchases, joining in your business and making sales, and you are just having a great time sipping Pina Coladas with your family while all this is happening So that's pretty much it right there, this entire social media marketing tutorial on how you can use social media marketing automation tools to be more productive and gain more leverage in your business Oh, but I didn't forget right Your bonus right

So if you ask me the best way to put this all together is really to start one step at a time In fact disregard almost all of everything that you've heard here and start with just one thing If you ask me the number one thing you should start with is bring more automation and more leverage and productivity in your business, I would say start with doing videos If you haven't started doing those, then all the rest of this stuff is all for naught You have to have a content already created to make all these things work and the best place to start is with videos

Start making a point to create a few videos every week, on things that you already do in your business In fact if you ever get a thought that's really cool, even if you don't know how you're gonna say it all out, just take out your phone and start recording and put some content on video You never know, that stuff might be very much useful later when you decide to post it online and your describing a certain thing that you wanna describe so that's my tip, my secret tip for you, alright? So that's it my friend Hope you enjoyed If you did, hey definitely give this video a like alright? Definitely subscribe to the channel

And oh by they way, if you haven't already, you might wanna check out my free PDF guide I got for you If you wanna learn how you can generate your first 250 plus leads using what? My favorite automation tool, Facebook live videos, alright So you wanna learn step by step how to do it click the link below and you'll get access for free with that information, alright? So that's it my friend, until next time, this video has been a social media marketing tutorial on seven automation tools that you can use to be more productive in your business right now, alright? So that's it Be blessed, stay hungry out there and see you on the next one, bye now

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