10 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

– So as you know, online video is super powerful for growing your business, but the problem is what do you actually make videos about? And in this video, I'm gonna be sharing 10 video ideas that you could use specifically for growing your real estate business with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms Comin' up

(techno music) Hey what's up guys, Sean here with Think Media Bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and on this channel, we do a lot of tech gear reviews as well as tips and strategy videos just like this one, so if you're new here, consider subscribing, but hey I actually just got done speaking at a real estate event here in Las Vegas, and part of that talk was about 10 different video ideas that you can use for growing your real estate business Sometimes we get blocked, right? We know video is powerful, but we don't know what to actually make videos about So I think you're gonna love this training, so lets cut into it right now So I'm gonna give you 10 quick video ideas for real estate, specific, quick, video ideas that you could do specifically for real estate and you could put these anywhere

These actually can go on Instagram, Instagram does video, but definitely on Facebook, also on Youtube, multipurpose, but 10 quick video ideas Number one is interview videos I wanna also keep in mind, we could talk about it Hey Sean, what camera should I buy? Well I don't know, I have a lot of recommendations, but honestly, your smartphone's good enough Pull out your smartphone, it shoots HD video

And if you get done with a client or maybe you're at an open house, or maybe just closed a house, you could just turn the camera on and just shoot a testimonial Hey lets talk about the process, what'd you think it was like working with me? Or turn the camera on them

You know, we really can level up on marketing and it revolutionized our business when we started using video testimonials Testimonials are good but video testimonials are super powerful because people get to see people who look like them, who sound like them, that they could relate to When you say, look I got your back, I'm gonna give you the best deal, I'm gonna help you close your house, I'm the best in the business, well of course you'd say that Right? I mean cause it's so hard to talk about yourself and market yourself One of the best marketing is your past clients and customers that love you, can rave about you, talk about you in an organic and real way, right? So they could take time to shoot quick interview testimonial videos and then you could just upload that right on Facebook, it's really cool to hear from Sarah about her closing her house, checkout this quick three minute clip with her

And you could just always be ready to capture those during your day-to-day business The second one is information videos, right? Valuable tips, you know, how-tos, that's definitely what Steve is doing And so think like how to select a real estate agent Kind of self referential, let me give you five tips for selecting a real estate agent And by the end of this video, you can see that I qualify for all five (laughter) Lets talk But you know, I mean tips, right? And these are seeds that you can be planting, adding value, how to read an inspection report A friend of mine, we launched a project called Video Influencers and years ago, he was doing real estate, in fact him and his brother got hit hard, of course 2008, 2009, I'm sure like many of you, and at the time, they were doing about ten houses a year, not good, and got to over a hundred houses a year, no joke, because of the Youtube channel

And actually because they did a lot of stuff with HUD and like bank owned homes and Ario and stuff But they started videos, HUD homes or buying real estate, what to look for in Ario, bank owned, how, why you need to have a home inspection when buying a house, how to buy a house, valuable content Can you see how powerful this is? Just stuff that you don't even really need to prep for it These are things that you know it right now You just turn the camera on and you could probably give me three tips on all this stuff

Like, you're already experts, this is your business The same thing you would talk to somebody over the counter at like a Starbucks and say oh yeah let me just give you three quick tips that you should be thinking about in this process You're ready to go, just turn the camera on and shoot some content Just saying it's kinda what's happening quarter one here in Vegas or even in Summerland or you know, niching down a little bit in different areas Number four, local business reviews

Now we need to get a little bit out of the box here because, you know, of course people don't just buy homes, they buy the area So what's in the area that you could just talk about? Hey I just wanna highlight some things super cool, you know this is a great place to buy in this area because they're building out the shopping center And you could start doing things about local businesses Just educating and helping your current audience as well Adding value and keeping up a relationship with people who've already bought or sold with you and helping people

Number five is go live Who here has done a livestream yet? Facebook live, awesome There's people, you're doing livestreams – Just now – You just did a livestream, awesome

And so you can use any of these ideas for live, but now this is real time, no video editing, no you know, nothing to do later, you just go live, so you might just go live right from your phone and say hey lets just check out this new shopping center, talk about it for five minutes, and you just review the business and say man that's a good time to be buying, the market's good right now, the rates are good, whatever it is And doing livestreams around these ideas, all you need is a smartphone and you could do that Number six, of course listing videos Doing walk-throughs, nothing really can give people an idea of homes better than a listing video, especially if you invest a little better, just do it yourself, to walk them through, show them especially in Vegas, it's such a transiate city, as you know, sometimes people are in a rush and they need to make decisions before even putting boots on the ground Right? And so you can really share a lot of information by showing listing videos, really helping people see the value, walking 'em through homes

This is also to, not just where things are now, it's going so much more here, where people are gonna be expecting They're actually just gonna be expecting this At some point, this is just the norm Like what do you mean you don't have a good listing walk-through video of the house, I'm just gonna go to the person who does because I'm just sitting at home, in my boxers, drinking my morning coffee, cause that's how I shop now, online You know, whatever it is

This is where the world is going, so putting out quality listing videos, an about me video, who has an about me video? Anybody have one that's about you, yet? Awesome! Could somebody in the room raise their hand, you got one, this is a chance for people to write, know, like, and trust you Chance to put out a video a little bit about your bio, but not just your credibility, not just your authority, not just your experience in the business, but also your hobbies, your personality Don't hold back from being you because people wanna do business with people they vibe with And so you can include that An idea for this, is here's an example on Youtube from Jillian

You could hire a professional, just like a produce video or maybe have access to that Or you could just keep it simple Tripod, have someone hold the phone Hey I just wanna introduce myself Now you have an about video, and you could make this your Youtube channel trailer or you could also pin it to the top of your Facebook page

So when someone actually goes to your page for the first time, they could see that video And the key here Is done is better than perfect

As soon as we If you feel like this talk's inspiring you, you think about doing video, what might happen is you might get back to actually shooting a video and you think, oh wait a minute, the lighting and I don't know if, wait what about this, and I don't know how this is gonna sound, and how am I gonna edit– and we overthink this stuff The reality is done is better than perfect

Like your about video shot on your phone, shared with the world, is gonna generate you a lot more business than a theoretical about video that never actually gets put out on the internet That's not gonna generate any business, right? Done is always better than perfect Of course have a quality standard, but I think a lot of us get paralyzed by perfectionism, and then it leads to inaction So just do it Get it out there, you can always improve it later

Seven point five, is you could also do a video about your company, right if you wanna kinda cover your office In some way that could show your guys' vibe, your style, a little bit about you Number eight, community events

I just ran a half marathon at the Rock 'n' Roll and as you know, so much cool stuff here happens in Vegas, and you could do just little videos, go live at events, go live at festivals or street fairs, or different things, cause again if people buy the area, hey guys it's super cool, man, it's such a vibe in the area, it's really good for kids, really good for schools, whatever it is, really just being in the community, creating content and then putting that out there And then a power tip is tag people who are at the event Tag people who're at the event, especially on Facebook Hey you know, you tag somebody, you could tag 'em on any of these different platforms, why? Because then that person's like, oh I was there with you! I was in the video, then they click like which in boosts the engagement, they might share it and be like, this was so funny when I ran into her, (imitates laugh) you know whatever it is (laughter) like people are like that, right? And that's that cross promotion organic virality that can happen because you're in the community creating content

People don't just buy the homes, they buy the neighborhood The location, location, location, right? So neighborhood videos, like you know maybe someone's like okay I'm set on the home, but what's happening in the neighborhood? And then number 10, is just get creative Get creative, if you've ever seen this guy, love him or hate him, Jim Cramer, Mad Money You know, when I think about like, accounting I don't think about exciting, personally, I think it's awesome, right? But I don't think about it as crazy, but like he took something like money and numbers and made it creative He put a unique spin on it And so sometimes we can get so boxed in with these ideas, who here knows who Bill Nye The Science Guy is, right? Same thing, I remember growing up with Bill Nye, but science also was not something I was super excited about in school, but I would watch his show because it was creative He just put some energy into it, some creativity into it, so how can you create creative content to show your personality around your real estate business? There's also things that happen like the internet challenges, ALS ice bucket challenge happened years ago, and there's a Keller Williams guy that did the ice bucket challenge and put it online

Some of you might be like, what does this even have to do with business? Everything It has to do everything with business Because you're building relationships and people are vibing with your personality, they're getting to know you, it might just get in front of one person because it's a viral trend and then they start seeing things, plus that was for a good cause Years ago there was this thing called the Harlem Shake You remember that? You know a lot of real estate groups did videos? Google real estate and Harlem Shake and you'll see some videos that are super entertaining on Youtube

But here's a RE/MAX, you know Harlem Shake video and then this video Yeah you just watched it, perfect Amazing, the serendipity of that

But like it's a rap video, right? Well how does that grow your business? Well, it just puts you out there, personality, flare– the thing Sally Hogshead wrote a book called Fascinate, and she shared one of the most important quotes in social media right now, you should grab this one by Sally Hogshead "Different is better than better" Lotta real estate agents marketing webpages, Instagram profiles Marketing materials, look all the same And that is the recipe for not growing your business because you've just fallen to the sea of just sameness, right? So when you begin to just stand out and maybe even be polarizing It's fine if you polarize people who never do business with you, you're going to attract and magnetize the right people that will do business with you So just think about– and this is all I'm saying is be you Be you times two

Maximize your DNA, your style, your values, you get to pick the music of videos, you get to set the whole thing It's 100 percent up to you To architect this, but remember that different is better than better so find ways to just stand out, not try to be better than someone who's already got their thing, find out how to be the best you and stand out Okay so I hope that you found that training valuable and actually, if you want more content like that, for growing your business with online video, we actually have a webinar out, it's all about how to 10X your business with online video, so we'll link to that in the description below or you can just go to 10xwebinarcom

Question of the day, have you started using video for your real estate business? What are some of the ideas that you have? Have you used any of these 10? Or there's some others Let me know in the comment section below So thanks for checking out this video, subscribe for more videos just like this If you wanna see other videos about growing your business with Youtube, click or tap the screen right there For other video from Think Media, click or tap the screen right there

Until next time, Think Media's bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video Keep crushing it and we will talk soon

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