6 Elements of Social Media Optimization & Social Media Strategy 2018 #SocialSelling

Social media optimization? Hi, I'm Peg Corwin I came across the phrase "social media optimization" and googled it to learn a little more

The "optimization" part is taken from "search engine optimization," or SEO That means testing and changing what you are doing on your website to get better results So what is "social media optimization?" We often think of social media as brand building But today we're going to talk about how you can optimize – get more results, leads and business — from social media I found a great post that lists 6 ways you can optimize social media

It's called "Social Media Optimization – 6 Tips To Steal From SEOs" by Dominique Jackson on the SproutSocialcom website I'm going to list all 6 elements and briefly define each For examples and details, see the full post that I link to in the video description below I've got to tell you, people keep asking me for more examples in my videos

But really the purpose of this video is to just give you a quick overview and then to encourage you to go to the full post for all the details Stay tuned to the end, after all those 6 elements, where I give you an action step, a place to start Here's my favorite quote from the post In this quote, Jackson abbreviates "social media optimization" as SMO "SMO is about strategically creating, building and maximizing your social media plan to connect with your target audience

SMO allows you to: to strengthen your brand, generate leads, get more visibility online and connect with your audience" The 6 elements that this post lists include 1 Strategy Social media strategy, that is Which means that you need clear goals and objectives

In the post, Jackson gives a link to another blog post with 7 steps to set specific social media goals The 2nd element is social media keywords You need to track the volume of the social media hashtags and and keywords that you are using to understand what is working and to be able to re-use popular ones to encourage broader reach The 3rd element to opimize is your social profile This includes a photo, consistent user names across various social platforms and bios with relevant keywords

The 4th element is content This means both your own social content and also content you share on social – curated content Track engagement on both your own and curated social content and then do more of what works to get better results There's lots of advice in the post on headlines, length of post, images and hashtags So check it out! The 5th element is posting schedule

How often should you post on Facebook or Instagram, for example, to get the best results? See a table in the post with suggested posting frequencies on various social platforms Of course, it does vary with your audience, both size and its characteristics The 6th element is social analytics You can optimize your tracking code using Google's URL builder so that you understand when you go back and look at your analytics, what's working You can do more of what's working

And now for that action step Pick 1 of those 6 elements, check the full post for details, and focus on that element Get started on just that aspect Optimize one little part of your social media today How is "social media optimization" different from "social media best practices?" It's similar, I think

But the word "optimization" implies a focus on goals like leads or engagement It also means working, tweaking, to monitor that metric and and improve those results I think for that reason I prefer "social media optimization" over "social media best practices" It's the focus on the specific metric that I like If you like this video I'd sure appreciate a thumbs up, a Like

And if you want more on social media lead generation for either b2b or b2c businesses, I encourage you to subcribe to this channel so you don't miss an episode I do a new video every Tuesday Hope to see you then, and thanks for watching

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