Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product that belongs to someone else with a view to earning a commission when the product is bought The product can be promoted directly from the owner’s website or through a network that markets products for many owners, such as Clickbank or Amazon

The affiliate marketer has to obtain a unique affiliate digital code from the product owner or network to enable a sale to be traced to the particular marketer and to earn the commission for the his effort The commission rate payable typically ranges between 30 and 75 per cent of the sale price Research has shown that 90 percent of affiliates make a total of 10 percent of all the affiliate revenue generated What this means is that the super affiliates; who are the remaining 10 percent of affiliates make the rest of 90 percent of all affiliate income In other words, if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to unlock the affiliate marketing secrets responsible for the success of top affiliates, which involves getting maximum profit with minimal effort

Once you learn the affiliate marketing secrets, you can join the group of top 10 percent super affiliates The following are among the secrets: 1 Cloak your affiliate links Whether it is a link you use in email marketing or a website link, make sure you hide the irregular, strange looking link that tells everybody that it is an affiliate link People become rather sensitive and are not likely to click when they see that it is an affiliate link

It is better to use affiliate cloaking tools or php redirects When you hide your affiliate link, you increase your conversion rate by a big margin 2 Super affiliates use niche marketing in their business They target specific market niches rather than going for broad markets

It is normally easier to publish content that gets high ranking in the search engines for tight niches than broader markets as it is usually very competitive with big established sites taking top spots in the search engines You know that ranking well means more targeted traffic which then translates to sales 3 Build mini-sites for each product Make sure you build a unique website for each individual product that you promote

It’s crucial that you avoid lumping all of your chosen affiliate products together on one website just to save some money on web hosting The best scenario is for each individual product to have a website, or at least a sub domain In this way you can streamline your marketing efforts to focus them on better results However, if you are reviewing different products in the same niche, then it is alright to have them on the same website You can write reviews on 3 or 4 products but not more to avoid the possibility of confusing the buyer on which product to choose

Whenever possible, include on the web pages, testimonials from previous buyers of the product to help prospective buyers make a more informed decision to buy 4 List building Driving traffic to your web pages is a perpetual task which is challenging even for experienced affiliates, but many marketers do not optimize their traffic They focus on bringing in fresh traffic but fail to capture them for follow up purposes

Research has confirmed that it is more likely that someone would buy your affiliate product after being exposed several times than just seeing the product once Most people who do not buy on the first exposure but given sufficient time to warm them up to the benefits, the potential for them to convert into customers is much higher Secondly, once they buy from you, you can continue to make repeated sales from these customers In order to manage this system efficiently, you require an autoresponder service which can do a great job in sending a series of email messages You start by collecting contact information by offering free reports to your prospects

This allows you to stay in contact with the customer and educate him about the products you offer Therefore, building a list is vital in your affiliate marketing efforts 5 Presell the product initially Avoid sending your prospect by banner ads directly to the affiliate sales page, because simply they are ads

This is a big mistake made by both new and even some veteran affiliates Presell your prospect with a review website or even some testimonials from past customers The ideal situation is to warm your prospect up, and get him or her excited before sending them to the affiliate sales page This would dramatically improve the chances of a conversion to sales It is important therefore to find good affiliate programs with solid content and sales copy that you can modify for your presell pages

In some niches, like the Internet marketing niche, customers expect bonuses when they buy through your affiliate link When you offer a bonus, such as a video or a report, ensure it correlates closely with the product you are promoting 6 Article marketing Article marketing is a powerful system in affiliate marketing and is one of the best secrets of affiliate marketing used by top affiliates

This is one form of content publishing which can be used to establish yourself as an authority When you brand yourself as an expert, you will have loyal customers Besides, your articles will drive targeted traffic from the search engines and indirectly from other related websites that post your article 6 Outsource repetitive tasks

Initially, you will have to do most of the work by yourself When you start making some money and can afford to pay other people to help you, then you have to outsource a lot of the work, especially the repetitive tasks Outsourcing will help you grow your business by leverage (or gearing) using the efforts of other people, while allowing you the time to concentrate on marketing

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Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing