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Hi, it's Jess! Have you been running Facebook Ads with no idea if they're working or what you can do to make them better? That was me – about a year ago (#stressed) but after cutting out all the content clutter and focusing solely on improving my Facebook Ads I had a business breakthrough and my Cost Per Clicks dropped in half The difference? It's a simple 4 step system I developed to drastically reduce the amount of time and money I was spending on Facebook Ads, all while watching my conversions continue to skyrocket! All the details are here

I don't leave anything out I even go as far as to show you inside my Facebook Ads account Let's get started! In step 1 of this process it's all about simplicity

Instead of thinking of Facebook Ads to drive conversions, you want to think about Facebook Ads to help you with each part of the conversion process So getting somebody from not knowing you at all to converting is a pretty big leap So first thing you need to think of is what's that TITLE that's going to catch somebody's attention? And you can use Facebook Ads for that The second thing is what's that image that's going to catch somebody's attention? And you can use Facebook Ads to find that image The next thing is what's that longer message like the longer form copy? And essentially you're going to be building your ad piece-by-piece instead of building your ad by throwing in 15 different pieces and hoping that all 15 of those pieces work together So in the A/B testing world this is called Multivariate testing but you don't have to worry about that This is actually very very simple to do What we're going to be looking at are my Facebook Ads and the tests that I ran in order to get a perfect title for my webinar So in order to do that, I first had to come up with multiple titles that I wanted to test because I wanted to use the power of Facebook Ads and the power of people clicking on those ads or not clicking on those ads to tell me which title was the best

So here we go, here's a list of titles that I came up with and these are all titles that I could build a webinar around And actually I had a webinar so this is more about how do I get more people into my webinar at a better price? So 5 growth formulas in 50 minutes, 5 best practices for unleashing your website's potential, look under the hood 5 website game changers You get the point, so I used the same number in all of them and then I try to find some punchy headlines and a lot of my inspiration for this list actually came from the website Beachbody because I like how they title their products They're quantitative, like 21 day fix so you see I have 5 day website fix on my list And they're very catchy so people know immediately what they expect to get out of taking that class and that's what I wanted with my class as well So here's my list that I wanted to test Oh and normally when I come up with these lists it's not as clean as this

this is just a cleaned up version for you to see It's normally it normally looks like this – this is my scratch pad and I'm just brainstorming all different ways that I can come up with a title that's enticing for my audience And then I take the best from this list and create my ads

Alright so here's the list though that I wanted to test now I'm going to take you over to Canva because the next step in this is to take all these headlines and – these are each going to be a separate advertisement that I put up on Facebook – so I want to create these ads very quickly without a lot of extra thought Alright so here we are in Canva and this is where I create all my ads And when I'm doing just a headline test I use a very very simple background And in this case I use color-block which is two colors that work well together So you know it's just very simple and plain and it catches somebody's eye and makes that title just pop right off the page and that becomes the most important element of the ad

Which means the clicks I'm getting on my ads are because of that title and people are seeing the title because the background is very simple So in Canva you can go up there and you can create a Facebook Ad, they have templates for you to use So pick the Facebook Ad template throw in a simple background and then put your title right there over the top And you have to shrink your title down a little bit because Facebook has a rule where you can only use 20% of the image space for text so if you want to follow their rule then you can do this Sometimes I just break their rule because I need to get my ads up fast and I don't have time to rework my titles to fit into their format and it seems to be fine

But you'll get a nasty-gram telling you that your titles are too long if you don't shrink it down So anyway you create your first one and then you just hit copy and change the title to the next one on your list and then so these are already created, 5 day website fix and then 5 day conversion fix etc

so once you have all your ads created in Canva you just download them and you'll get a zip file you have to open that file and then you can upload all the ads into Facebook Ads and you can start running your test OK and here we are up in my Facebook Ad account so you can see the ads that I ran see all the titles are showing up here They all have the same background and I ran them all together at the same time because I'm looking for relativity I'm looking for the one ad that does better compared to the rest of them And I base the decision based on clicks – first of all are people clicking on them? These ads down here see they have low clicks, second of all what's that cost per click? This is only you know seven clicks 500 impressions this means impressions is how many times my ad was seen And here's my Cost Per Click here, $0

63 this one 8 clicks, 400 impressions, $039 per click At first glance, even with this small data I'm going to choose this one as the winner over this one because it's about half the price as that one for my Cost Per Click which means that it's if if these numbers were to stay true which they likely will then this ad would be almost half the price over the life of my business to run then this ad so I'm gonna choose this one over that one same with this one here this one's $128 Cost per Click, $248 Cost per Click, so these ones are pretty high and they're the reason why I work with small numbers, small cliques, small data and making really fast decisions is that look how many titles I tested! I tested 10 I only need one of those to be good and I need it to be better than most of the other titles

So let's say I were to run this test for a week or two weeks and spend you know $200, $300 that'd be good you know I'd learn a lot more and these numbers might fluctuate but this took me less than a day to run, I found an ad right here 5 best practices for unleashing your website's potential – that I liked that was getting a better response than all the other ones and I was like, "Sweet! Got it I got my title, let's go!" Because the name of the game right now is speed, like you need to be able to be fast and move faster than your competition and so this gives you just the right amount of data that you need at the right price to be able to make those fast decisions So this is how I picked the title for my webinar and it's called 5 best practices here, the actual title for my webinar is 4 best practices because I had the retrofit, I had to take this title then retrofit my content to it and I figured out that I had 4 really meaty best practices that I could teach pretty easily without doing a lot of extra work so I just changed the title to 4 best practices

Alright so that wraps up step 4, that's picking the title for your ad Now the next thing you can do is do the exact same thing but take that title and put it on top of different images and see if you can drive that cost per click even lower and then see if you can add longer form copy to that ad and get that price even lower and this is going to teach you so much about your audience and really let you focus on building the perfect ad that's going to get them at first clicking and then eventually converting Alright, so you probably are noticing how I'm using this technique for multiple purposes I'm using it to drive my ad prices down, I'm using it to find the right title for my for my ad, for the right images for my ad, but I'm also using it to find the right title for my products right? And for I also use it for different elements of my landing page and my website So I do a lot of testing up on Facebook Ads and let's talk a little bit more about this title So like I said this is how I chose the title for my webinar 4 best practices for unleashing your website's potential it's one of the contributing factors to the landing page for my webinar which has a 44% conversion rate from Facebook Ads

That 44% conversion rate is for cold traffic that means that I'm not doing any retargeting it doesn't have anything to do with my Facebook pixel I'm just putting up an ad and I'm sending people to my webinar landing page and 44 percent of the people that click on my Facebook ad actually sign up for the webinar So it's a phenomenal conversion rate and it's because I've tested almost every single element of that landing page using Facebook Ads so I've tested the title using this method I've tested the copy through longer form Facebook Ads I've tested the image that I use on Facebook Ads I've tested the images that I use on the landing page all of it so I know that each of the elements work with my audience and when I put it all together that's how I'm getting people into my webinar and making it a very profitable asset for my business So where to next?! Well if you haven't joined my free webinar I recommend jumping in you'll get to see more best practices like the one I shared in this in this video and you'll also see how I went from 0 leads to one lead every 8 minutes essentially turning my own website into a growth machine and if you want even MORE tips to massively increase your leads and sales I have a video which you can purchase for just seventeen dollars which will show you how I get a 44% conversion rate from Facebook Ads so good to see that landing page that I talked about and how I essentially doubled my conversion rate on that page from 22% to 44% in just three days using Facebook Ads To purchase that video go to https://onthegridnowcom/facebook-ads-44 Alright everyone hope this helps you turn your website into a growth machine! And thanks for joining me and I'll talk to you soon okay bye

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