How To Make $1000+ Per DAY with Affiliate Marketing!

I'm going to show you how to make $1,000 per day for absolutely free Absolutely free Even if you're dead freakin broke, if you don't even h ave two nickels to rub together What's going on Sam Eric Ellis jr

Andy's TV for sheezy there's your first time coming across my channel I'm gonna crazy light-skinned God and teach you how to make money on a line and if you like make money a lot but if you want to live a life of time location and Financial freedom and if that subscribers playing hit that little vacation spell and go in the family so I can go ahead and help you With my daily uploads now for those of you who are coming back to the channel You might have noticed I chopped my hair off I'm trying to do it for myself and I cut way too much off So I had to go to a barber and they got me right It's all in a sari, but we're not gonna go in a way too much of that But that's first and foremost before we get into the concept of how to make a thousand dollars per day for free How many times we got to say that for free, right? my number one recommendation to actually make money online will be the first link in the Description now, let's get into the content and how are we going to do that? We're gonna go to step on my laptop Boom We're behind the laptop So Guys, if you look at this little complex looking thing, right? It's literally going to show you a couple of things I'm just gonna show you guys how to make a thousand dollars per day and just to prove it really quick Just to show you now instead of logging into my back offices and having to pull air out all the freaking like Personal information of people

I got commission from and all that extra stuff, right? I just decided to screenshot this and make it easier Right So you just earned a new commission boom $1,000 dollars today and Then you just earned a commission So there's your commission payment from blank Right, and that's two hundred and forty-five dollars sold total We made about a thousand two hundred and forty five dollars and seventy seven cents today Now, imagine if you like How would your life change if you can make that amount of money for free right on a daily basis? That's thirty thousand dollars a month, but that'd be life-changing for you Would you have like the best life ever? Guys looking at this right here You're looking at this page right here Right this go ahead and be the answer to your solution and number two for those who have been following me, right? I really don't tell people my exact secrets of how I make money, right but I'm gonna show exactly the Step-by-step method that I actually used to make money right if you look at my channel I make a lot of videos about Clickbank products but to give you a little secret out I don't even promote Clickbank products, right guess some of the bank But I want to show you guys how I do promote Clickbank Products as an additional income and exception except let's get right into it, right So first and foremost, right it first starts with a YouTube channel

Boom You're watching this video right now, right so what I do guys the first thing and for those of you who are Four who are in the get-rich-quick, right if you're saying I want to make a thousand dollars per day for free But you're not willing to work for it X announced this video right now Do you wanna go ahead and just make it like today and you don't want to put any work in? Go ahead and get some scratch off lottery tickets now that we got this unserious people out there We got people who actually want to learn actionable steps how to build a real business Online so that way they can create a life of freedom to where they can travel the world Like I have been eight countries this year in County, but let's get right into it Right? So youtube videos now health wealth and Romance are the big three niches? You need to find the nation and what I use is something called affiliate marketing to actually monetize my youtube channel Right now here's the thing For this specific method This is more So for the make money online niche, right? That's what my niche is I'm gonna show you guys exactly how I promote affiliate products the whole Blueprint this little thing right here is how it makes so much freakin money, right? I'm going to show you guys in a second So first and foremost, we create a youtube channel right now

Here's my youtube channel I have 10,000 subscribers so far I have videos that I Provide daily value to my audience, right? I just wished up for those of you you are trying to us Pack me, right I just switched up my thumbnails, which is increased my engagement a lot, right? Just a quick little tip for you guys here to show the wealth, but let's get into it, right So what's up? What I'm creating this follow right? Because you're building a really consistent Providing value people building an audience of people who know like you trust you, right? Now the way that we do this is we find people who have bigger followings within the niche You're gonna start studying them You see what type of videos they're creating right an example if I want to learn this, okay if automate Videos about affiliate marketing let see who comes up with to their marketing So this guy does okay, that's freedom influencer I'll go ahead and look at his videos See what he's doing

Okay, audio productions What does he do? I'm gonna look at these people's type of content Then I'm gonna start producing this content didn't want to search search engine optimization and how to actually rank these videos So people can actually find them right now Once you've got that out of the bag, right, we're gonna go ahead and eventually start building an audience, right? So where they're gonna be literally starting to soak like they're gonna love your contest so much that they're gonna be demanding Hey Do you have a tourist you have something right? Instead of you creating your own course and instead of you doing all that extra stuff, right? what there are out there is there's literally these um these Affiliate programs that you can actually join very simple concept join promotes earn, right? That's what I do, right So what I did is I partnered with this affiliate program that's high ticket affiliate program, right? So what I do is because I've built an audience for myself with by v2 what I do now on all of my videos is That literally go ahead and drive them So here's the first step right driving Sorry about that So here's the first step driving this and making it a traffic source, right? I'm driving traffic to my actual offers How do I do this? usually eighty percent of my content is value and then twenty percent is me recommending something that can help them get to their Desired goals, once it eats quicker right an example if you want to go ahead and make money I'm gonna go ahead and to an offer that I'm promoting that I'll be Compensated for that will help me and help you

I get paid a commission and you learn how to make money That's how that works right Now How do I do that? I have this little promotion link at the bottom of my videos, right? so an example Let's go to one of my most recent videos So we're gonna air this jr We just click here and it will go to my channel And then we'll go to Videos so one of my most recent videos, so that's the power of building a YouTube channel Look what and this is what I mean by for free literally four days ago I created a video and The sole purpose of this video was actually just to drive traffic But to also give my audience Reich value and a thousand views in four days, right? That's free traffic It literally took me seven minutes to create the video seven minutes to create the video Seven minutes and it generated a thousand views, right? So the thousand views Where am I driving traffic to look if you look here below my number one recommendation make money online pick here I have a call to action if you guys didn't notice already literally in the beginning of the video, right? This is how powerful this is littering the beginning of this exact video I said my number one recommendation To make money online will be in the description

Some of the people aren't even watching this video Enjoy they literally went to go ahead and They visited what I'm about to teach you guys, right? So they're clicking here And then what is the next step, right? How do you start to actually make money with this? So the next step in the sales process right guys is This right here We're gonna sit to a ugly little web page, right this ugly little web page we're simply gonna go ahead and have two things right we're gonna have number one a free thing and There's two ways you can do this You can either go ahead and make the free thing something called a lead magnet or you can make the free thing the actual video Presentation the sales presentation right? So just a free video free training free ebook free Whatever, right? So my free thing is an e-book, right? So I'm gonna go ahead and drive them to this little loved web page on that I created with something called pip phones

You guys can actually find that in the description That's another that's another affiliate offer Right? Boom I get paid a commission, but I'm still helping you, right? I'm giving you guys a value and I'm being paid to But clickfunnels if you guys need something to create sales funnels link in the description Now I offer them this free thing right with this free thing Once what they're going to give me in exchange for that free thing is very important in this process is their email right? So once I get their email, I'm gonna show you guys how I make money with this after so Boom, they gave me their email And what happens is it comes on something called an Autoresponder so you need something to actually capture these emails, okay so guys on autopilot right yesterday has 63 subscribers to my email list and then today 16 so far, right and Alright, so let's explain how this works Right? I'm capturing these leads right? I'm gonna show you guys I'm gonna make money with this in a second, but Let's get back to the process

So what's important now is once they give me their email, right? I'm gonna go ahead and redirect them to my affiliate All right So here's my affiliate offer right here There's gonna be a sales presentation So the proof is in the pudding I'll show you guys right

Here's my youtube video They click This link right here They're gonna go ahead and get access to that ugly little web page Well mines is a little bit better looking than most Cuz I'm do this but we're gonna go ahead and insert and email one two three applesauce and Then we're going to get instant access then what are they gonna get access to they're gonna go and get access to your sales page Right So here's my sales sales page now I actually made this with click funnels to where if you're offering an actual lead magnet sometimes you have to have a page in the middle to tell them that the thing is coming and then redirect them but said actually made myself page and My offer and the same exact page, so we're not my offer but letting them know look your free e-book is on its way But lightweight watch this blue there They're gonna go to watch this and then if they watch till the end Right, then they're gonna go ahead and get access to the sales page and they're gonna fire right now What is all? Is that what does all this mean so sales presentation believe it or not? My first sale I don't even know why I wrote $18 It's actually $13, but I get paid 60 percent right? So the first offer Let me actually change this Is a $30 offer it's called a low ticket offer So what I what I use to make $1000 days guys, it's high ticket affiliate marketing right? there's no way in hell then I can generate like let's do the math here if I'm getting paid a 60% Commission, which is $18 so $18, I literally have to make to be save ten So like 50 like 50 sells I make I have to make on 50 cells per day to get $1000 right guys the objective how the rich get rich and the poor dear poor is the rich ask themselves one question How can I work less is hard and make more money, right? So What happens is is once these people actually buy this low ticket offer they're gonna go ahead and get access to a series of up selves right and with the current program that I'm promoting what happens is they actually have a mentor Which is also a coach who? Recommends different products and services that will help them gets about their desired results And then the process if he recommends and they buy this higher ticket, I get paid commissions

So an example What this is called guys is a value ladder And I'm gonna go to give you guys two different examples The first example is the main program that I'm promoting and as stated before first link in the description You guys can actually get access to that program And so you guys can do this too right now The second thing is, what's a coach? Recommends this product and they actually buy $2,500 right I get paid a 40 percent commission right because without Me the company would have never got that set Right, so I get paid a commission the coach contains a commission and the company makes some money and it's education, right? It's well worth the money spent you want to make sure you stand behind a product that's actually worth it So the next step guys is once they actually purchase that I get paid Commission's like this right today I made a thousand dollars off of one sell because it was a high ticket sell Now you're gonna see a lot of things like Amazon Associates and things that things of that nature number one They have low Commission's right with things like Amazon Associates they literally have like 10 percent, Commission's and Right, you have to sell so many of them right with this one you work less hard and make more money right now Here's the value ladder now what I do is I'm simply with this part of the sales process I'm literally looking for low ticket sales I'm looking for $30 sells right and then they get up sold on the back in it and that's where the real money is made Now step number two How do I make even more than this? Right The objective is to make as much money as possible

Screw it down Thomas They only make more than that, right? So what I do is I collect these emails For two reasons number one so I can continue to follow up with them with the same offer Right, so they don't buy I have literally 45 different emails that follows up with that person But I can also do something called email broadcast Which is just simply when I send these little emails takes me 15 minutes 15 minutes of my time, right? so let's do the calculations here how much time this is taking you guys per day to make $1000 per day for free right? Although I'm doing they spending a little bit of time You created YouTube video on a write an email, right? The YouTube video literally takes me How long are we right now 15 minutes this is maximum gonna be 20 minutes, right So 20 minutes of my time then the email takes 15 minutes or 45 minutes a day And I'm clearing thousand-dollar dates right talk about work less Make more so I collect these emails then I set up these little broadcasts, right? So an example is I'll go ahead and this guy this is the exact way that I use I make money, right? I have eight thousand people now guys this takes time You have to build a following on YouTube You have to drive traffic to your cell phone Yeah, collect these leads, right? This isn't overnight, but it's worth it now an example is I just sent an email To almost 8,000 people and almost 10% of those people open it so that means 800 People open that one email right? That's another form of free traffic aka free money Fuck the free traffic I want free money, right so literally a or two people I'm opening my emails Will you email? And also I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and find these affiliate programs write a little email up, right? So here's another one, right? So within the last seven days with clickfunnels, I made 500 dollars last 30 days

I made $1400 so what I do with like things like click funnels affiliate program, I'll show you guys in a second and Clickbank, right What I do is within my niche So my specific niche would be considered right key business in the marketing So what I'll do is that fine and offer that it's congruent now just to show you guys the value ladder again Let me see if I can find one affiliate page for a Clickbank so cliff mate guys is just a Okay, four times think I'm only gonna check one more to see So couldn't make guys just an affiliate Network where you guys can find free offers again free offers equals free money, right so Okay, so Here's the sales process guys So with clickfunnels remember, I told you guys let's take a look at this again So I'm going to be sending to my email list these these are Affiliate offers that are congruent with in my niche that are still a part of this by letter It's just a different value matter, right? So and this is for this clickbank offer Right It's 47 dollars a month reoccurring sell only will I be making reoccurring commissions? But I get paid fifty percent commission on upsell one, which is two payments of 297 So if you do the math just fifty percent of that is two hundred ninety seven dollars And then those are just down cells and another upsell fifty percent of that So all the nar guys I could make about four hundred dollars with this, right? And you make reoccurring twenty five percent commissions, which is a decision with income, right? And if you're using this method right pretty YouTube channel, and you're driving traffic You're gonna go ahead and make so much money Now another one right? Let's just say get my affiliate link some tools I'll just show you guys one

For example Will do comm senior so a free ebook But I could do this hit my email list with this free ebook, right if you look here here's one of the offers Again, guys that value letter one thing that I'm trying to teach you guys is you never want to go ahead and promote an offer Like on Amazon Associates where it's a 14 dollar offer you get paid a 10% commission Guys, I could I could promote a seven dollar offer you could promote a seven dollar offer on Amazon Associates, but with me right I can make up to nine hundred and sixty-seven dollars you can make fuckin a dollar and forty cents who's winning here the person Promoting something for ten dollars over here the person who promoting something for ten dollars over here This guy's aren't in potential as almost a thousand discuss any potential Are you kidding me? It's like a fucking skin so with that being said Boom, I'm gonna go ahead and hit my list with another thing with evaluative ladder just different offers up some upsell stuff sells so what I do is I have my main high ticket one so I can easily get thousand dollar days all the meters one had to get up sell per day and then if you guys know this Right This is actually clickfunnels Commission's two hundred and forty forty five dollars That two hundred and forty five dollars is simply from my email marketing Right losing my train of thought here simply by sending these little emails, right? So just to recap really quick YouTube video promo link sending them to the ugly little page give it away a free thing Collect that email so you start monetizing it for free over the long haul and even if you're doing paid traffic Right, you make this money If you start reinvesting it back into your business with that paid traffic You're still going to be building an email list, which is a form of free traffic aka free money You're gonna be sending traffic from your email list to your offers right different offers We're gonna be making money then sales presentation not sounds presentation Yeah, so ugly page, then you're gonna redirect you to the affiliate sales presentation I do high ticket affiliate marketing because I get I work less as hard and I make more money And the coaches do the work they close all the sales for me So absolutely the business model that you guys can easily make a thousand dollars per per Per day right now what I mean by is the guys don't don't take that take that with a grain of salt, right? What I mean by easy to you guys, is that it eventually? Got me to the point of where I learned how to do I'm not a crazy sales funnel right now to do email marketing I learn how to create content are now to do all this stuff Put it all together just like that person who struggled riding a bike when they first started But eventually it got easy with time

It will get easy It was time You'll start making money It'll be graduated Even if you start making the next $100 a day, huh? Like how beneficial with that Beach here to your life, right? Eventually You'll get set up thousand dollars per day guys It's not overnight, but it will happen

So seventy guys building a following driving traffic A second following with that email is and monetizing it with these different offers the best ones are ones with Low ticket front ends and then height to get back in so you can get those big sales of those big paydays now If you like that going to give me a thumbs up hit that subscribe button pin that notification or share with that notifications, I'll show you my some love baby and If you guys I stated before want my number one recommendation to make money online It'll actually be the first link in the description You guys will get access to this business model value that right Number two, if you got us all not to write emails You guys don't know how to do drive traffic paid traffic Do email marketing create content? Rank YouTube videos and do all this extra stuff I have a course wolves Academy over most Academy calm or the second link in the description rap access to that course and Don't spend time to tell them like I did where it's gonna take you a year literally invested, of course It will take you a couple of weeks to learn this so that way you guys can start earning those big paydays Hopefully this video shed some light guys There's some fire stuff You guys wanna make a thousand dollars a day for for as a broke-ass mofo This is the concept for you guys Go to following you can make as much money as you want on autopilot on demand simply just make a video look boom Make a video Seven hundred yesterday seven hundred years today the day before that thousand views before that seven hundred beats gosh traffic all day man People were just willingly eat up my offers and put money in my bank account while I'm delivering in value past I'm just gonna stop going off on a tentative cuz I'm just I'm getting my little myself 45 minutes day free blank All right

I'm done Hit the subscribers blood I appreciate you guys as always Eric Ellis to your checking accounts

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