Kathy’s New Clean-Up guy – by Karenkay – an appealing red head…

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Kathy’s New Clean-Up guy – by Karenkay – an appealing red mind seems quilt about seeing black colored males and informs her spouse the facts. He encourages her to meet up another black colored bull it and ends up being the clean up man so he can video tape. (MF, voy, swing intr that is,

Kathy’s Party – by P Sugden – Kathy’s tossing a birthday celebration on her husband Pat. It really is an excellent success, and Kathyis the primary activity. (M+/F, F+/F orgy, dental, wife-cheat, ws)

Katie Caged – by Katie – Katie in a cage at a swinger’s celebration. (MMF, bi, bd, oral, anal, orgy)

Kay, The Little French Maid – by Anon – searching straight right straight back I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but, at the time, I was completely unprepared for the events of the weekend on it. I experienced made no key associated with undeniable fact that the few I became coping with had introduced me to bondage since well as team intercourse and I also enjoyed all of them. Whenever one of many dudes I became dating recommended a week-end at a coastline home with another few, I became eager since he’s great business and I also love the coastline. (MFF, bi, orgy, S&M, bd, move)

Kinky Activity – by Lonelyhusbandtom – remaining over during the in-laws, we joined up with during my sis and her spouse’s kinky tasks and soon after my spouse joins in from the enjoyable. (MMF, inc, voy, move)

Kitchen Gang Bang – by Wife Watcher – Newlyweds attend a party at swank digs with older partners while the new pretty young spouse brings a “train” within the kitchen area after being plied with too alcohol that is much. (M+/F, wife, liquor, gb)

Landlady – by Deirdre – a roommate is taken by a woman that is strange as you would expect. (FFM, bi, voy, swingers)

Late Bloomers – by HapiHusband – my partner’s admission of a classic event contributes to a thrilling lifestyle that is new. (MF, partners, bi, move)

Late One evening – by Blue M – spouse watches wife with brother-in-law then joins in. (MMF, spouse, husb-voy, move)

Why don’t we get it done the right path Frank – by fadedglory43 – a guy and spouse enjoy an “open wedding” and also the wife discovers her bi sex within an uncommon means. (MFF, FF-bi, move)

Lillie And John – by Jones – Lillie and John had been a pleasant searching few in their 30s. Nonetheless they possessed a side that is dark will have amazed their friends. They enjoyed venturing out and having drunk and letting Lillie be fucked by complete strangers. (MF-cpls, bi, cd, voy, liquor, move)

Minimal Lisa – by Greg – this really is a real story that involves myself, my spouse and a new girl known as Lisa. Lisa is 23 years of age, nonetheless she appears like this woman is 15. (MFF, FF-bi, orgy, swing, preg)

Lori’s First Threesome – by Anymouse – Lori would like to now take to two dudes simultaneously plus it happens to be a time that is really wild. (MMF, spouse, voy, bi, dental, swing)

Lust sunday – by Shooter – a spouse yearns to share with you her favors with another guy other than her spouse. Evening the opportunity arises when an executive from work comes to dinner one. (MMF, voy, wife, intr, move)

Lust With A Salesman – Carol Collins – a wife and husband decide that they require one thing to incorporate excitement with their sex-life. They earnestly look for a bachelor to create up a swinger situation that is threesome. They promote and fine Ron. (MF, wife-sharing, exh, move)

Making Of A Cuckold: Unintended effects – by Cindi’s Toy – The storyline of a few trying out a threesome and exactly how that test played away during the period of thirty years. (MMF, d/s, reluc, bi, anal, swinger, voy, cuck, medications, liquor)

Making of the Hotwife, or working out of a cuckold – by cautiouslyr3ckless – Was we training my partner to become a wife that is hot or ended up being she secretly planning me personally for cuckoldry? (MF, husb-voy, mast, swingers)

Marie really Loves males – by Kewtieboy – Thirty-something spouse has a taste for young lads so when her husband realises the nephew of a pal of theirs likes her, he assists produce a unique sex-life for several three of those. (Mm+/Ff, ped, wife, bi, dental, anal, orgy, swingers) component 2

Meet up with the Stevens – by David Jannsen – A tale of exactly just exactly what occurred to a kid whenever an adult, hitched, couple get hold of him. Or what sort of child learns about intercourse and just how it could never truly let it go once discovered. The great, the bad therefore the definitely fabulous times fucking a mature few. (MF/m-teen, ped, reluc, first, bi, swingers)

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