Social Media Marketing Tips: 5 Reasons You Badly Need HELP on Social Media [DONT DO THIS!]

– Hey guys how y'all doing, it's Chris Njigha here from chrisnjighacom back again with you guys with another very exciting episode today

Yes my name is Chris, Chris Njigha, I'm all about empowering entrepreneurs to be more, create more, and make more in their business and in their lives Be sure to leave a comment at the, why you're here too, I go back and check all of them so I love to hear everybody's thoughts The question is right, top five reasons why you may need help with social media marketing, right? Right? And it's not uncommon, I was actually talking to a friend of mine on another, a potential client and you know she was saying that hey you know I'm loving my business and it's great but you know it's really curious it's just curious because you know, I'm not getting a lot of engagement on social media, right? Not a lot of people paying attention to my stuff, right? Maybe you know this feeling right? You post something about your company or something you're product or your service and then it's like crickets, right? Like nobody's responding right? Probably, there's probably a reason why, right? So I'm gonna go through these top five reasons and if you're in one of them then maybe you may consider, want to consider just get some more training Top five reasons, so the first one is maybe you're posting your product or service company on your page Like maybe your company's name is somewhere on your page, on your product, somewhere around there and that's no bueno, right? Because if you're posting about your product or service right, that means you're promoting them and you're not promoting yourself, right? And the thing about social media is people just come on social media why? To have a good time, right? To hang out with their friends, see what Billy, Joe, Jo-Jo is doing, or what you know, Jim is up to right? They want to see what's happening and want to connect, right? They just want to socialize

People don't come on there to be sold, right? So if you come off looking salesy that's no bueno people are gonna ignore you like the plague, right? And the thing is that you want to be branding your stuff not your company, right? The company gave you the products and service so that you can go market If they wanted to brand themselves they could have done that without you So the trick is you should be branding yourself You should be putting yourself out there so that people will get to know, like, and trust you That way they'll readily do business with you or whatever it is that you got going on, right? Number two, ask yourself, are you talking about your product or service in a very salesy way? In other words, when you do post about it you do post a product or service it's like bam, we're having a sale on such and such cream, it's the awesome cream and oh my goodness it's a promotion we're having right now you gotta get it now! (laughing) That's very salesy right? And if people can go on your page and all they're seeing is sales promotions and you talking about your product or your service and just blasting it out there it's like ugh

And get this, even if they are, even if it does sound interesting what are they gonna do? They're gonna take the name of the product or the service, they're gonna Google it, and guess what they're gonna find? Terrible reviews, people talking smack about it, it may be a great product or service but there's somebody out there talking smack And they're gonna find it, they're never gonna reach out to you, right? So you're not creating curiosity Don't give away the movie, right? Don't talk about the movie and say the ending of the movie before the movie gets there People hate that, so you don't want to do that Don't give them the end of the movie

Talk about stuff and put it in a curious way so people are reaching out to you Number three, are you talking about business all the time Like you go on their page and it's all about business business business business business business business business I'm a business man, right? (laughing) Or a business woman right? And you're just talking about business all the time it's kind of like, eh I mean I know you got a life, right? You got family? You got kids? You got a, do you have a another, do you have a career that you do? Do you have hobbies? Do you have interests? I mean come on, where's your personality on your page, right? Put your personality on there so people get to know the fact that that's just you, of course you're a business man, right? You do business, of course, right? You're about making profits great but they, people want to know about you, what's going on with you you're interests, your styles, your hobbies, your curiosities, your thoughts, people want to know about that

That's what gets people engaged, right? Number four, are you talking negative on your page? Ugh, that's the worst if you ask me The worst, going on your social media profile and talking negative, right? Like maybe your boyfriend just dumped you and you go on there and you tell everybody about how much of a loser he is, right? That's no bueno, right? No bueno, it's just, social media's a place where people come around and just have a good time and you get to socialize, get to know each other It's kind of like a cocktail party Nobody wants a Negative Nancy on there Nobody, nobody

So please don't air your dirty laundry on your page Please don't do that If you're doing that you may need some help with your social media marketing okay? Because nobody wants to see that, it's no fun, right? And then number five, are you not showing up consistently? Like you may post about your, post something curious about your business here one week and then you don't post anything for the whole week Then you come back and you post some stuff about your life or your trip and then you don't post nothing, right? That's not gonna work right? To build that continuous following you need to be on there consistently, right? It's gotta be consistent showing up Consistency, consistency, because guess what happens? People will start getting used to the fact that oh Suzie Sue she shows up every day doing her Monday Motivation, right? Or maybe she shows up every Friday and gives a marketing tip, yeah I'm gonna look forward to that, I'm gonna look to see that

I'm looking forward to it, right? People want that, that's that consistency that if you can have it, that right there my friend is the magic sauce of everything You start being consistent in what you're doing especially in showing up on your social media marketing you'll see magical things happen And that's it guys, that's it That's your top five reasons, if you're breaking any one of those right there, you may want to consider some help with your social media marketing alright? And if you do, guess what I got a free gift for you guys that I'm just absolutely excited to share with you guys If you go to my website chrisnjigha

com or if you go to if you hit the link that's above or below the video here I've got my free PDF resource on 14 social media tips that will help you build your following, have people coming to you asking you about your business right? I hope you enjoy it, put your name and email address in and I'll be sure to send that to you ASAP So if you guys enjoyed this video, thought that was valuable man go to my Facebook fanpage, Chris, Facebookcom/chrisnjighalifestyle give it a like, also hit the button to see the notifications first and get all these videos when they come in piping hot right out the oven And until next time guys, hope you enjoyed it, be blessed, have a wonderful blessed day out here It's a great day, and stay hungry

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