– If you're watching this video, there's a good chance that you wanna make a little bit more money, you work a nine to five job and you might be skeptical and think that everybody who ever tells you how to make money on the internet is running a scam or trying to sell you something Hopefully, this video can change your mind about that because I'm basically just gonna tell you what I did on the internet that helps me make thousands of dollars a month and I don't really have an ulterior motive here beyond wanting you to watch my other videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel

And for those of you who are uninitiated, there are a lot of people who use their YouTube channel or their podcast or even their blog where they write articles to make hundreds of dollars a day in affiliate marketing and it's passive income because they're doing the work upfront and even six months or a year, as long as what they're talking about is relevant to somebody, they're still making money There are YouTube videos on this channel that still make me money, not only on ads but literally because they sell products, whether it's affiliate products for someone else or something that I made, and that's what I wanna teach you about today How to use your content on the internet using free platforms and social media to make hundreds of dollars a day selling somebody else's product That's what affiliate market is and we're gonna go through it step by step So if you're into that, keep watching this video

If not, I'll catch you on the next one Let's get into it Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blake, helping you create something awesome today Welcome back to the channel If you're new here, my name is Roberto Blake, a lot of people know me in the YouTube space, I'm a creative entrepreneur, I'm a public speaker in events like social media marketing world and VidCon and today I want to talk to you about one of the ways that I make passive income online

I've done a couple of videos about this, teaching people different methods, whether it's selling your own digital product, an online course, but today I wanna focus specifically on affiliate marketing because it's probably the most accessible thing to the far majority of you even if you have a nine to five job It might sound absurd but it's actually very reasonable to make an extra $100 a day in passive income if you do it right It's not something that just anybody can do overnight Yes, you will have to learn how to market yourself, create content and build an audience If you are not ready and prepared to learn new skills, leverage social media platforms, and build an audience that can help you make that extra money, give you a little bit of side income, away from the day job, a little bit more financial freedom, that's something it requires work

It's not for people who are lazy, it's not for people who wanna do get rich quick schemes, it's not for people like that So if that's someone you identify as, you need to click off of this video right now If you're ready to do the work and reap benefit from it over and over again later, stay tuned Let's cut to the chase on the good part, $100 a day You know why you can make $100 a day with affiliate marketing? There are programs out there where companies sell a product and the commission on the sale for that product is so good that's either $100 upfront for those commission sales or it's something like $50 or $30, which means you have to make between one and three sales to get close to $100

And there are plenty of them out there I'll give you some examples right now With Bluehost, I think it starts out at $50, I'm at a higher tier to where I do 85 a sale because I can talk about building websites There are a lot of people who are starting online businesses, I can give them tutorials and training and then I've worked it out to where I can also offer a discount to anybody who uses my affiliate link for that particular thing So for me, one sale with Bluehost, $85 commissions

That's pretty straightforward Epidemic Sound, I'm a YouTuber so I have a lot of people who watch some of my videos about how to grow on YouTube Every time someone does a 30-day free trial with Epidemic Sound, that is a $30 commission for me just for giving them the link of how to use the same background music that you're hearing now in my video, how they can use royalty free background music on their YouTube video The value that I'm providing to people is they know about a resource that they didn't know about before to replicate the success or results that I have It's basically just being a resource for people and giving them some kind of value for something they would probably buy on their own anyway

The difference is you get a commission When I was a kid, I loved selling things Even when I made no money at it, I was the kind of kid that would go into Walmart and would see how many electronics I could sell and I would actually try to outsell the sales people on the floor just because I could As a teenager, I did this with Best Buy I really had that much of a passion for salespersonship and the gift of gab and just knowing that I was useful because I think that psychologically, I validate myself by how useful I am to other people

I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing but it's been a very profitable thing to think of myself in that way Now imagine if that entire time, because I was helping sell a product for a company, they had been giving me a commission Now for a lot of people, they're in situations where they get a salary and they get a commission when they sell The difference with affiliate marketing is this, you're just signing up and putting in your email address and your payment information and then you can be part of the sales force of a company The good news for them, they don't pay your salary, they don't pay your healthcare, and they don't have a lot of obligations toward you

The good news for you, there's no barrier to entry, there is really not that much of a vetting process and you can start making money right away as long as you can hustle and you can sell for them And you don't have to build a product of your own Granted, you only get a small portion or a cut of all of the money that they will make on that but you also don't have to own the platform, or have a lot of responsibility for anything going on That's why affiliate marketing isn't a scam and that's why it's win-win for a lot of brands and companies But Roberto, if it's so easy, why doesn't everyone do it? Well, first of all, not everybody is internet or tech savvy, the other thing is not everyone has an area of expertise or passion

I know because I was a web designer about a lot of online products and also the needs of an online business so since I am an online business owner, I can recommend everything that I use for my business, and the majority of it has affiliate links Whether it's the conference calls that I set up for my coaching clients with zoonus, there's an affiliate link for that Whether it's the mail marketing systems that I use that helps me have my newsletter and also helps me to re-market and sell my courses to the people on my newsletter or my other digital products or services Guess what, there's an affiliate link for that same system that I use

Whether it's the apps that I use for certain projects, whether it's the invoicing system, there is all of these products that I use and the companies would love for me to advocate for them and they don't wanna have to make that complicated They wanna give me a commission for helping make the sale, I want to make the sale and make some extra money or passive income recommending something I already use every single day and the average consumer would love to know that somebody is revealing part of their process or giving them tips or advice and that if it's something you're doing, then they wanna do it too and they were gonna spend that money somewhere You might as well benefit for helping them out and this is why content marketing, this is why building a podcast, a YouTube channel, a blog, an Instagram page is so valuable and why it is a big concentration of the content that I do on this YouTube channel is helping you get from zero followers to 10,000 followers in the platform of your choice And so, you see the beauty of this is you don't even need a big audience because it's down to making the one sale It's down to making the one sale

Now there are other affiliate programs that do percentage commissions Primer example is a company called TubeBuddy I'm a super affiliate with them, I'm also a brand ambassador for them and they sponsor content on this channel fairly regularly but I also get a 50% commission recurring on lifetime sales for the YouTube browser plug-in called TubeBuddy, which is an amazing deal for me When you think about it, it means that as long as somebody came from this channel and used my tips and advice and then shows to sign up for the product, that 50% of whatever the fees are associated monthly with their account are something that I benefit from for facilitating that relationship It is a fantastic deal for the company and for me and it incentivizes loyalty

So if you can find in your niche, whatever it is, products and services that have either percentages and recurring revenue attached to them, or high payout flat rates of 50 or $100 or even higher, then you see it's not unreasonable for you to start making $100 a day in passive income with affiliate marketing So what do you need to be able to accomplish that? Now that we've set up this framework and now that you understand how making the money works and why people will actually click on it and trust your information, let's go to some basic things you need to do right now to get going with affiliate marketing First of all, you need to identify what niche you're in and you need to start looking Do your research in Google and find out what affiliate programs exist for that niche Take a look at the brands and the products that you use everyday for whatever you're doing, whether you're doing fitness or whether you're doing whatever it is you're doing

And really look at that and then look into the research and see, do they have an affiliate deal? Type in the name of the brand and type in the words affiliate program in Google and it's as simple as that and you'll find results for the affiliate programs in your niche or for a company Is that easy You know, most things are usually as simple as Googling them Many of these affiliate programs will ask if you have a website, you usually should have a website if you wanna do affiliate marketing even if it's not gonna be the primary place that you do that, it's more likely for you to be approved Now not every website does this but a lot of them do

Amazon is the easiest place to do affiliate marketing just because even though the percentages are very low in terms of your commission on the sales, the thing is they have more products and more variety of categories than anyone else and it's a brand people trust But you do usually need a website and they wanna know that you have some decent traffic there in order for them to approve you Now sometimes they'll just approve you with your social media accounts So if you don't have a website, just go ahead and try with your social media accounts You can always apply again and use your website in the future if you're turned down

So that's one of the things you have to do Like I said, I have an affiliate link for Bluehost, making the point that again, affiliate marketing is awesome so if you need a website, I have an affiliate link for Bluehost and they give the members of this community a rather large discount so if you just go to robertoblakecom/bluehost or you use my link down below, or use the link here in the info card, guess what? You'll get a massive discount, I'll get a commission and see, this is how affiliate marketing works Now when you have your website and you have your blog set up, using a WordPress blog, the good news is you cannot only put these affiliate links in your post, you do have to disclose them but you also can make something called a resource page And a resource page is just a list of everything that you use for your business and you can have affiliate links for that

So like I said, there's a massive amount of affiliate links that I use day to day in terms of the resources for this YouTube channel, primer example B&H Photo Video links are in the descriptions for all the camera gear Anyone who wants to produce the quality of content I use, then they'll get the camera gear that is behind this channel, right? Same thing for the podcast So that's an example of how if you have a platform, whether it's YouTube or podcasting, people wanna buy what produced the results that you have and you're just being a resource and linking to it So that's what I would start with in terms of okay, so anyone who does come to my site knows what I'm using and what I have and if they want it, I get a commission, right? The other thing I would look at is can you make content that's helpful and useful to people in your niche that can directly relate to a product that you get an affiliate commission for or a service? So that's something else you need to think about, content strategy I get into that a lot here on the YouTube channel, it's something you might wanna subscribe for

Making content in different platforms, if you have the time to do it is going to be helpful For many of you just starting a blog and writing like you know, on a weekend, writing three or five articles to get you started and then putting out one or two articles a week, taking only 30 minutes to an hour to write an article, that's gonna be a good place for you guys to start And if you start with high end affiliate products that have high commissions in your niche, or at least high percentages like 20 or 30 or 50% of whatever the product sale is, then you're closer to making good money everyday making that $100 a day that we talked about very quickly even with a small audience If you can get them to be loyal and if you give good information And again, as long as this piece of content exists, there's an opportunity for it to make you money

By using your other social media links and outlets whether that's Facebook or starting a Facebook group, starting a Facebook page, Instagram and putting it in your bio link, or if you get 10,000 subscribers, followers in Instagram, swipe up, you get the link out, or using IGTV Whatever method you use, doing Twitter, whatever method you use, you can link to this content from your website, get it in front of more eyeballs and use hashtags and things in social media to get traffic back to your website and then it's more likely that people will buy something from your affiliate links and you get to make that money So having content to distribute in social media is actually really practical And something you guys are underestimating is writing articles, posting them in LinkedIn and in LinkedIn groups where you have permission and then getting that traffic back to your website People who you know, read those articles and do these things in LinkedIn tend to be more affluent and more willing to spend money on something

Everybody's sleeping on LinkedIn, big mistake If you're gonna do YouTube content, I would recommend doing tutorials and product demos that showcase why someone should use this, who it's for, and whether it's a good deal or not and then recommend it Also you could always recommend alternatives, do comparison videos, versus videos, these are the types of content that usually convert massively in terms of sales So if you're looking to do big sales with affiliate marketing, you wanna do it on YouTube Those visual product demos are a great way to go

Product reviews, comparison videos, absolutely are probably the best funnel for making affiliate revenue from products when you do it on YouTube that way Whether it's written content with photos or whether it's videos on YouTube, buyers guides, doing a breakdown of all the things people could buy, especially either during a holiday or based around a certain tech release or back to school, like the timing of those videos is actually really good for affiliate marketing and you could do some of your best sales either during back to school, during fall, or during the holidays I mean, it's a big deal I've known people to have you know, ridiculous $10,000 a month paydays from just hitting the right time with the right content on buyers guides One of the things I did successfully back in the day was I did laptop buyers guides and this did really well for me in Amazon

Amazon had a cap out of $25 maximum payout on laptops but there would be these great months where I was doing massive commissions because of all these laptop sales So it's just something to think about And like I said, if you have no audience and you're like Roberto, I need an audience to do all of these things Roberto, I don't understand marketing and you need that skill to do all these things The good news is there's 1,000 free videos here on the YouTube channel that talk about entrepreneurship, marketing in different social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube and also how to build a podcast

So if you're saying that you don't know how to do these things, you can always just subscribe to the channel, it's free content, you don't even have to buy a course and you can learn how to build an audience from zero You can learn email marketing, you can learn how to do these things and then you can make a little bit of extra money It just means you might have to watch a few of my videos instead of whatever is on Netflix And that's the only price you really have to pay for it Time

And of course, the benefit to me is that I get new views and subscribers and if you use any of the affiliate links down in the description below, the resources that I've talked about, I of course will benefit from that monetarily So it's a win-win for everybody and now you know how affiliate marketing works So now I think you are ready to get started as long as you are willing to hustle and you realize this will not be an overnight success story You are in a good position to where this can start making you a little bit of extra income on the side and you can start to diversify your revenue streams because there is no such thing as job security anymore and I think that's becoming more and more apparent to a lot of people I'm not saying you have to quit your day job or you can't want to work a nine to five job, and I'm not trying to shame anybody who has that situation

What I do know is a lot of people are having their circumstances taken out of their hands I'm seeing people everyday tell me that they have lost their job out of nowhere or that the industry changed and they are scared of being pushed out They're getting older and maybe the place isn't valuing loyalty and experience anymore, or unfortunately people are having their health push them out of their career field and their job and they still money to survive So what I'm trying to do is I want people that are in that situation to have the information that's going to help them get by or move to the next level and have more financial freedom and more control over their lives So if I've helped you do that today, then I feel like I did a good job and I feel like my mission is closer to being accomplished

That actually brings me to my question of the day before we close the video Are you diversifying your revenue streams or are you relying on just one stream of income? I really want to know this and I wanna understand where my audience is in terms of those things so I can talk about it more Because maybe it's helpful and if you have questions about passive income, or you still have questions about affiliate marketing, drop those in the comment section too I'll try to reply to as many of them in the first hour, first day, and first week that this video is up So it's another good reason to subscribe and hit notifications

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video, I actually really do dig getting into these topics because I think it's part of what really helped me be successful is learning how to sell and understanding how digital commerce and the global economy is accessible to almost everybody now and I just think it's a great thing that gives more people opportunity and gives them a fighting chance Like this video if you like it, don't forget to subscribe, share it with a friend As always you guys, thanks so much for watching Don't forget, go out there and create something awesome today You might just make a few bucks off of it

Take care (upbeat music)

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